About Me

Meet the Man behind the Art

I guess to highlight, I am a veteran of the Vietnam War. Class of 1969. I grew up in a small town where every man was a veteran of WWII. Some serving in the toughest fighting in Europe. My people have served in every war this country has fought except the Korean War and the present ones. So it was important to me to serve. Therefore I support all military people.I grew up hunting with my dad and brothers so I have
been around guns since I was 10 when I got my first shotgun and 22 rifle. I played Cowboy and Ind
ians when I was little, and have been playing Cowboy most of my life I guess. Now I play cowboy with real guns.
 We get to be 8 years old again in our geezer years. I have been a NRA member for most my life.
I have always been a car lover, and have owned all the classics in my day. I always have a project cararound and have built them for other people at times. I retired early to finish two for myself. Athlete's revenge overtook me three years ago. Building cars is hard physical work so I had to quit. I got into the leather business by accident. I inherited a Colt from by dad. He was a farmer and carried
that Colt everywhere. He just threw it on the dash of his truck. So when I got it, it didn't have a holster.
 I shopped around and all I found was trash. So I went to the shoe repair shop bought some leather and made
me a holster. My friends saw it and wanted one, and then his friends and so on. I built a double holster rig and a shotgun rig for a Cowboy Action Shooter, they introduced me to the sport, and here we are today. I am self-taught, so I'm not hung up on other people's methods. You will notice from the pictures that my stuff doesn't look like any others work. I try to separate myself from the other 20,000,000 leather crafters by doing everything a little different. All I do is custom work so I'm always up for new and different things. Your wild idea is just what I'm looking for. Thanks Giby